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English-Hindi > legacy systems

legacy systems meaning in Hindi

legacy systems sentence in Hindi

विरासती व्यवस्था
legacy    वसीयत विरासत
systems    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
1.:Many major organisations still use legacy systems developed in the late 1970s.

2.Usage of robust interfaces with these legacy systems may solve this problem.

3.Anything more than four years old is considered a legacy system.

4.It will be far more user-friendly than the legacy system we have today,

5.This approach may not be available as an addition to a legacy system.

6.Initially, accounting information systems were predominantly developed " in-house " as legacy systems.

7.Biometric security measures are difficult to implement on legacy systems.

8.These systems can then interface to the organizations'legacy systems and use them as data repositories.

9."Governments don't want to throw those legacy systems away.

10.Legacy system modernization is often a large, multi-year project.

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