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English-Hindi > legal affairs

legal affairs meaning in Hindi

legal affairs sentence in Hindi
1.Legal Affairs Minister Elvin Nimrod criticized the opposition for questioning William's integrity.

2.Barry Goode, legal affairs secretary to Gov . Gray Davis, said Friday.

3.He also represented the company in legal affairs and development in China.

4.He appointed lawyer Justin Simon as attorney general and legal affairs minister.

5.Lingua Franca was like that, and Legal Affairs still makes the cut.

6.Co-General Manager Alessandro Pansa will oversee finance, business development and legal affairs.

7.After the Cabinet and gave Nazri's legal affairs portfolio to Zaid Ibrahim.

8.Commission I for defense and security, foreign affairs, information, and legal affairs.

9.Howard's Bureau was primarily responsible for the legal affairs of the freedmen.

10.The Attorney General is head of the Florida Department of Legal Affairs.

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