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English-Hindi > let me think

let me think meaning in Hindi

let me think sentence in Hindi
मुझे सोचने दो
let    आज्ञा देना किराए
me    मुझको
think    सोच-विचार विचार
1."Let me think about that one for a while, " he finally answered.

2.Let me think about it, and I'll let you know ."

3.Let me think about it for a while-I bet I can disprove it.

4."I think he responded,'I don't know'or'Let me think about that, "'

5.Let me think about it but maybe starting him isn't fair on him.

6.It's time they let me think for myself, I think, " she writes.

7.That's got something to do with World War II . Let me think.

8.Before I do that, let me think on this for just a second.

9.Manze said, " Let me think, " followed instantly by, " No ."

10.Let me think, there was that asterisk on misleading a witness.

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