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English-Hindi > let on hire

let on hire meaning in Hindi

let on hire sentence in Hindi

कि राए पर देना
भाडेपर देना
let    आज्ञा देना किराए
let on    बताना ज़ाहिर करना
on    लगातार लगा हुआ आगे
hire    पारिश्रमिक भाड़ा
1.Section 2 ( 1 ) made it a criminal offence in England and Wales and Scotland to print, publish, sell or let on hire such a comic, or to possess one for the purpose of selling or letting it.

2.The company proposed to carry on the prior business of " machinists, mechanical engineers, machine and engineering toolmakers, boilermakers, ironfounders, brassfounders, millwrights and metalworkers, and to buy, sell, manufacture, convert, let on hire, and deal in machinery, rolling stock, iron, steel, metal implements, tools, utensils and conveniences of all kinds ".

3.A publisher, as used in the Act, is also defined in Section 1; " publisher " is taken to mean anyone who " distributes, circulates, sells, lets on hire, gives, or lends it, or who offers it for sale or for letting on hire ", or " in the case of an article containing or embodying matter to be looked at or a record, shows, plays or projects it ".

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