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level against sentence in Hindi

"level against" meaning in Hindi
  • It was the lowest level against the yen since Aug . 1.
  • Everybody keeps the same approach and the same intensity level against everybody.
  • Reaching that level against the 49ers would be especially rewarding.
  • Raising that level against the Red Wings shouldn't be tough.
  • The dollar reached its highest level against the yen in three weeks.
  • The commission also promoted legislation at the federal and state levels against torture.
  • I always feel like I need to go up a level against Pete,
  • The dollar rose Thursday to its highest level against the euro since October.
  • He took it to another level against an outstanding tackle in Orlando Pace.
  • The dollar soared to its highest level against the yen since May 1992.
  • The ringgit breached the 4.00 level against the US dollar yesterday.
  • We will protest at all levels against the brutal killings of our Christians.
  • The dollar scraped its lowest levels against the Swiss franc for a week.
  • His greatest test will be on the European level against Celtic, though.
  • The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since Oct . 18.
  • Nichols said that throughout 2004 the euro reached record levels against the US dollar.
  • The dollar is now at its lowest level against the yen since May 1996.
  • The dollar lingers near its lowest levels against Japan's yen since 1996.
  • The dollar is at its highest level against the yen since October, 1998.
  • I have to raise my level against Monica,
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