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English-Hindi > level against

level against meaning in Hindi

level against sentence in Hindi
level    सापेक्षिक स्तर
against    के खिलाफ के खिलाफ़
1.It was the lowest level against the yen since Aug . 1.

2.Everybody keeps the same approach and the same intensity level against everybody.

3.Reaching that level against the 49ers would be especially rewarding.

4.Raising that level against the Red Wings shouldn't be tough.

5.The dollar reached its highest level against the yen in three weeks.

6.The commission also promoted legislation at the federal and state levels against torture.

7.I always feel like I need to go up a level against Pete,

8.The dollar rose Thursday to its highest level against the euro since October.

9.He took it to another level against an outstanding tackle in Orlando Pace.

10.The dollar soared to its highest level against the yen since May 1992.

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