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level off sentence in Hindi

"level off" meaning in Hindi
  • He figures it will level off, albeit on a very high plateau.
  • Shiwaku said he expected imports of pork and beef to level off.
  • This boom would level off at the start of World War I.
  • But foreclosures are starting to level off as the state's economy improves.
  • But our horse can level off and come down through the stretch.
  • Some experts see signs that the decline is beginning to level off.
  • Nonetheless, many traders and investors say the dollar will level off soon.
  • Analysts expected demand to level off after men tried their first doses.
  • Spending is expected to level off in the coming years, analysts say.
  • It makes sense that things would level off after all that expansion.
  • Isn't there an argument that the growth rates will level off soon?
  • Malan also said he expects Brazil's growing public debt to level off.
  • In men, this increase levels off around age 45 to 50 years.
  • It might level off the relationship, making it truly respectful and lasting.
  • Prices are expected to level off as summer trips begin winding down.
  • The Sox also realize some of their players might level off.
  • Our expectations were that it would level off in year two,
  • However, sales of semiconductors are forecast to level off in 2003.
  • Enrollment is expected to level off at approximately 17, 000 students.
  • At the top it levels off and reaches the trail junction.
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