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English-Hindi > licence plate

licence plate meaning in Hindi

licence plate sentence in Hindi
अनुज्ञा प्लेट
licence    अनुज्ञप्ति
plate    फोटोग्राफी की
1.For example, a vanity licence plate might read " MY TOY ".

2.licence plates for exclusive use of plug-in hybrids and battery electric vehicles.

3.Hong Kong and Macau have their own administrations on licence plates.

4.The numbering system of licence plates also varies among the jurisdictions.

5.Greenlandic vehicle licence plates normally have two letters and five digits.

6.The provincial licence plates display the slogan " Land of Living Skies ".

7.The new licence plates will not identify where vehicles are registered.

8.Fern reveals what's on the vanity licence plate that Harry bought for her.

9.Licence plates of the Yukon have long featured a prospector panning for gold.

10.In the United States, licence plates are issued by each state.

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