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English-Hindi > lie detector

lie detector meaning in Hindi

lie detector sentence in Hindi
1.The man passed a lie detector test immediately after the charges surfaced.

2.Dana Garner has passed a lie detector test with his latest story.

3.He also offered to take a lie detector test, but was refused.

4.Bakarbashat said he cooperated and agreed to take a lie detector test.

5.Also, Coleman failed a lie detector test the morning he was executed.

6.An American official said the informer had passed a lie detector test.

7.Lowell would later say that he was dubious of lie detector tests.

8.King allegedly flunked a routine lie detector test, drawing suspicion from investigators.

9.But everybody agrees there are several keys to these lie detector tests.

10.It said police should not use lie detectors on witnesses or suspects.

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a polygraph that records bodily changes sometimes associated with lying

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