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English-Hindi > lie in state

lie in state meaning in Hindi

lie in state sentence in Hindi
अन्तिम दर्शन के लिए रखना
अन्तिम दर्शन के लिए रखना
lie    सफेद झूठ असत्य
lie in    देर तक सोना देर तक
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
state    सरकार अवस्था
1.His body was flown here to lie in state early this week.

2.The body was to lie in state at the palace until Monday.

3.She will lie in state for the public from Thursday until Sunday.

4.His body will lie in state there Monday through Wednesday next week.

5.The Queen Mother will lie in state until her funeral on Tuesday.

6.No law, written rule, or regulation specifies who may lie in state.

7.Not everyone eligible to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda does so.

8.It was not yet clear whether he would lie in state.

9.Mayo's body was transported to Mayo Mansion to lie in state.

10.The body will lie in state and the funeral date set is arranged.

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