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English-Hindi > line operator

line operator meaning in Hindi

line operator sentence in Hindi

लाइन प्रचालक
line    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
operator    आपरेटर ऑपरेटर
1.This includes bus line operators, airlines, railways, shipping companies and the like.

2.In 1996, Port Klang has only 20 main line operators calling in.

3.China Netcom, the other fixed-line operator in China, also provides Xiaolingtong service.

4.TelecomAsia Corp . Plc, the biggest fixed-telephone line operator, led the gainers.

5.Another portion of the property is leased to a zip line operator.

6.Between 2001 and 2005, British East Coast Main Line operator Newcastle area.

7.Fixed-lined operator and market heavyweight Telemar rose only 1.9 percent to 38.10.

8.Per month, it includes unlimited calls to numbers of local fixed-line operators.

9.Cegetel was France's second fixed-line operator, competing directly with France Telecom.

10.There are four other fixed-line operators and five other cellular-phone companies.

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