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English-Hindi > linear accelerator

linear accelerator meaning in Hindi

linear accelerator sentence in Hindi

• रेखीय त्वरित्र
• रैखिक त्वरक
• लीनियर ऐक्सिलेरेटर
linear    अक्रमिक अनुक्रमिक
accelerator    त्वरक त्वरित्र
1."' TrueBeam "'is a radiotherapy device, a linear accelerator, manufactured by Varian.

2.Linear accelerators are also widely used in medicine, for radiotherapy and radiosurgery.

3.Inspired, Kunz built his own site at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

4.He was a Research Associate at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center 1969 74.

5.His doctoral dissertation was entitled " A Linear Accelerator for Electrons ".

6.The other is a linear accelerator, which generally collides electrons and positrons.

7.The radiation medicine department has a TrueBeam linear accelerator and stereotactic radiation capabilities.

8.He worked there on the construction of a, 20 GeV electron linear accelerator.

9.The electrons make up to five passes through the linear accelerators.

10.In linear accelerator therapy, the emission head ( called " ablated.

ions are accelerated along a linear path by voltage differences on electrodes along the path
Synonyms: linac,

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