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list server sentence in Hindi

"list server" meaning in Hindilist server in a sentence
  • Using software known as list servers, Cassingham set up his subscription service.
  • -- Advertising should appear only in designated news groups and list servers.
  • After problems with that mailing list server, the scifaiku list moved to Yahoo!
  • Anyone ( users and interested nonusers ) may subscribe to the list server.
  • Many devices use either proprietary vendor-specific station list servers or dedicated directory services.
  • The list server is maintained at the University of Sydney.
  • Some list servers also allow people to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change preferences through a web-based interface.
  • LIMDEP supports a list server based discussion group.
  • The list server could automatically unsubscribe bouncing recipients.
  • That's where they list server etc problems.
  • The primary source is not the blog post, its ANE 2 discussion list, a monitored academic list server.
  • Yahoo ate the mailing list server OneGroups, for example; now competitor Topica is almost out of the market.
  • Apparently, incidental to the installation of the new mailing list server, the posts in the archive have been renumbered.
  • 2000 The Swedish Museum of Contemporary Art ( SMUFSA ), as well as our first own web and list server, opened.
  • The discussions were public as in a list server but with a privacy innovation the participants'names and email addresses were anonymized.
  • MailEnable's features include support for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP email protocols with SSL / TLS support, list server, anti-spam and webmail functionality.
  • Information on detected cheaters is sent to the ban list server on IP address on port 27013, which was later changed to 27011.
  • SAFRING communicates with ringers and interested parties through annually publishing one or two issues of a newsletter, Afring News, and by maintaining a list server.
  • List servers, often referred to by their product names such as Listserv and Majordomo, automatically manage electronic mailing lists and document distribution over the Internet.
  • Once the software is set up, list servers are a nearly effortless way to send stuff directly into the E-mailboxes of any number of willing subscribers.
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