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English-Hindi > lower post

lower post meaning in Hindi

lower post sentence in Hindi

नि म्नतर पद
निचला पद
lower    रूप निम्नस्तर अवर
post    स्थान प्रहरी
1.Even the lower post-Cold War recruiting targets have proved hard to hit.

2.Those dismissed from lower posts will be entitled to a pension.

3.Serbian media said they might take lower posts within the Bosnian Serb entity.

4.Most of the new officials were promoted from lower posts.

5.Mayerne continued in his lower post until 1606 when he sold it to another physician.

6.The Lower Post Road passed through North Attleborough Center on Plainville center was an alternate route to Boston.

7.Before Lower Post became a community, it served as a fishing spot, a crossing and a meeting place.

8.In Cochin there was a Staff Selection Board constituted in 1936 to select candidates for initial recruitment to lower posts.

9.He also announced that in future the keeper of the basilica would not be an abbot but a rector, a lower post.

10.Ainslie's undistinguished military and colonial governorship forced him to accept a lower post in 1816, that being lieutenant-governor of Cape Breton Island.

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