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lunitidal interval sentence in Hindi

"lunitidal interval" meaning in Hindi
  • The difference between these two times is the lunitidal interval.
  • Hundreds of factors are involved in the lunitidal interval, especially near shorelines.
  • The approximate lunitidal interval can be calculated if the moon-rise, moon-set and high tide times are known for a location.
  • The lunitidal interval further varies within about + /-30 minutes according to the lunar phase . ( This is caused by the time interval associated with the solar tides .)
  • Tides have an inherent lead or lag, known as the lunitidal interval, that is different at every location, so tidal clocks are set for the time when the local lunar high tide occurs.
  • Theoretically, peak tidal forces at a given location occur when the moon is at the meridian, but there is usually a delay before high tide that depends largely on the shape of the coastline, and the sea floor, therefore, the lunitidal interval varies from place to place.

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