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English-Hindi > macaca mulatta

macaca mulatta meaning in Hindi

macaca mulatta sentence in Hindi
1.In fact " Macaca mulatta " is the scientific name for the rhesus monkey.

2.Chris Chinchilla amicably left the band for personal reasons in September 2005, forming a new band, Macaca Mulatta.

3.Journalist Taki Theodoracopulos referred to Bianca Jagger, who is of Nicaraguan origin, as " macaca mulatta " in 1996.

4.The mutation of this element resulted in hepatitis E strains which were unable to infect rhesus macaques ( " Macaca mulatta " ).

5.The common langur ( Semnopithecus entellus Dufresne ) and rhesus macaque ( Macaca mulatta Zimmerman ) represent the primate fauna of the area.

6.The two rhesus monkeys ( " Macaca mulatta " ) flown onboard were about three years of age and each weighed approximately 4 kilograms.

7.These repeats are conserved in other primates like " Gorilla gorilla gorilla " and " Macaca mulatta ", but are not present in other mammals.

8.When comparing the predicted phosphorylation sites, those shown in the table below were those conserved in " Macaca mulatta " as well as " Bombus impatiens ".

9.S127 was left in the table even though " Homo sapiens " and " Macaca mulatta " did not have significant scores above threshold for that position.

10.Dettmer, AM, Houser, LA, Ruppenthal, GC, Capuano, S, Hewitson, L . ( 2007 ) Growth and developmental outcomes of three high-risk infant rhesus macaques ( Macaca mulatta ).

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