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English-Hindi > mace head

mace head meaning in Hindi

mace head sentence in Hindi

• गदाशीर्ष
mace    छड़ी गदा चोब
head    भक्त समझ अन्तरीप
1.In ancient Ukraine, stone mace heads were first used nearly eight millennia ago.

2.Assyrian mace head with inscriptions ]]

3.An important, later development in mace heads was the use of metal for their composition.

4.The British Museum loaned three neolithic jadeite axes and mace heads to the museum to add to the display.

5.The artifact is a piece of a broken mace head which shows traces of a once completed relief scene.

6.From Kuchai, near Baripada, various Neolithic tools like mace heads, grinding stones and also pieces of pottery.

7.Her tomb was found robbed, only two mace heads were discovered by Jacques de Morgan who excavated the tomb first in 1894.

8.Off the coast of Mace Head in Carna Parish is " Oile�n Mhic Dara " ( Mac Dara's Island ).

9.The earliest representations of what might be the Set animal comes from a tomb dating to the mace head of the King Scorpion, a ruler of the Protodynastic Period.

10.There are fine ground axe and mace heads of colored stone : serpentine, diorite and jadeite, as well as obsidian knives and arrowheads along with the cores from which they were flaked.

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