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mach number sentence in Hindi

"mach number" meaning in Hindi
  • No variation of density, speed of sound and Mach number is allowed.
  • It was repowered to to give Mach number 1 capability in 1945.
  • The wing-and tail-thickness ratio was also reduced to increase the critical Mach number.
  • The true airspeed corresponding to the critical Mach number generally decreases with altitude.
  • This graph shows relationship between shock loss coefficient and Rotor inlet Mach number
  • Mach number, Reynolds number ) are already linked in the text.
  • The optimum flight Mach number for transition on the J58 was about Mach 2.
  • This is a reasonable assumption when the Mach Number is less than about 0.3.
  • For a supersonic flight Mach number, acceleration is typically achieved via a convergent-divergent nozzle.
  • The second difficulty occurs when the aircraft Mach number changes.
  • At the "'upper critical Mach number "', airflow around the entire aircraft is supersonic.
  • North American conducted this test, their  High Mach Number Investigation, on November 13.
  • At the "'lower critical Mach number "', airflow around the entire aircraft is subsonic.
  • The actual critical Mach number varies from wing to wing.
  • At low Mach numbers gliders have such long, narrow wings.
  • These waves are studied to obtain a relation between deflection angle and Mach number.
  • The upstream Mach number, M _ 1, begins at 1 and ends at 5.
  • For low Mach number \ scriptstyle Ma, the drag coefficient is independent of Mach number.
  • There are also gravity currents with large density variations-the so-called low Mach number compressible flows.
  • Increasing the nozzle pressure ratio further will not increase the throat Mach number above one.
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