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machine independent sentence in Hindi

"machine independent" meaning in Hindimachine independent in a sentence
  • Some idiomatic sequences are machine independent; some involve only one instruction.
  • Compute Kernels, in a Language independent and machine independent manner.
  • These two usages are safe and machine independent.
  • The first really widespread high-level language was Fortran, a machine independent development of IBM's earlier Autocode systems.
  • Its stiffest competition at Bell Labs is the language C, which is higher level, and machine independent.
  • This can be implemented with a machine independent simplification rule, such as a xor a = 0.
  • It is self-descriptive, cross-platform also termed platform or machine independent, documented, and administered by an international steering committee.
  • Blagojevich even picked up the nod of the supposedly anti-machine Independent Voters of Illinois, which recently named Kaszak their legislator of the year.
  • In such an application the sentences used become high level abstractions ( conceptualisations ) of computing procedures that are computer language and machine independent.
  • AED was a machine independent software engineering job and an extension of ALGOL 60 the standard for the publication of algorithms by research computer scientists.
  • Another format is "'. x _ b "', which is in binary format so it is more machine independent and not subject to binary-to-text conversion errors.
  • If the records in a data set, or the items in a list of data structures, are organised this way they can be handled safely in a machine independent way.
  • "' Machine Independent "': Since the multiple passes include a modular structure, and the code generation decoupled from the other steps of the compiler, the passes can be reused for different hardware / machines.
  • Rather than making an interpretation of straightforwardly into machine code, cutting edge compilers mean a machine independent intermediate code to improve compactness of the compiler and minimise outline endeavours ( Yin, et al ., 2012 ).
  • This C program ( which is machine independent because it implements certain operations in abstract form ) is then compiled using the native C compiler on the target machine with custom libraries optimized to the specific platform.
  • Once system writers become mature enough to recognize this basic truth, they gravitate naturally toward machine independent SILs . . . . it looks like the little implementation language is an idea whose time as come-- and gone ."
  • R�hrich, T ., & Welfonder, E ., 2014, Machine Independent Software Wiring and Programming of Distributed Digital Control Systems, In Digital Computer Applications to Process Control : Proceedings of the 7th IFAC / IFIP / IMACS Conference, Vienna, Austria, 17 20 September 1985 ( p . 247 ), " Elsevier"
  • A next step in IS modeling was taken by CODASYL, an IT industry consortium formed in 1959, who essentially aimed at the same thing as Young and Kent : the development of " a proper structure for machine independent problem definition language, at the system level of data processing ".
  • But almost every time, it proved easier ( and more rewarding ) to improve C, or its runtime support, or the hardware, than to invest time in yet another language . . . . A machine independent language is always superior-- even for writing machine dependent code ( it's easier to find trained programmers )-- so long as the overhead can be endured.

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