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English-Hindi > machine language code

machine language code meaning in Hindi

machine language code sentence in Hindi

मंशीन भाषा कोड
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
machine language    मशीन भाषा मशीनी
language    बोली भाषा शब्द
code    गुप्त भाषा
1.The machine language code must remove all of these vaues before returning via the RTS instruction.

2.A simple crack, where the letters were input during the copy protection check by adding a few lines of machine language code, was effective in defeating Lenslok.

3.Aside from type-checking overhead, functional programming languages are, in general, challenging to compile to efficient machine language code, due to issues such as the funarg problem.

4.For example, if the machine language code is stored in a string named ROUTINE $ it can be called with parameters as ANSWER = USR ( ADR ( ROUTINE $ ), VAR1, VAR2 ).

5.The machine language code blocks produced by the jit compilers are deleted when the application is closed ? t . i . a .-- talk ) 20 : 11, 29 April 2010 ( UTC)

6.The trace vector decodes the machine language code just-in-time before it is executed and re-encrypts it after it has been executed, so that no more than just one or two instructions are decrypted in the physical memory at any given time.

7.While any user, no matter how tech-savvy, can be expected to read the manual, and experienced computer programmers can deduce the working logic of a computer program directly from reading its human-readable source code, " RTFB " expects users to directly read the machine language code that the microprocessor executes natively.

8.Both terms derive from the phrase " automatic coding ", which referred generally to programs which eased the burden of producing the numeric machine language codes of programs . ( " Autocoding " is seen occasionally, and can refer to any kind of programming system . ) In some circles " autocoder " could be used in a rather generic way to refer to what is now called a macro-assembler.

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