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English-Hindi > machine language programming

machine language programming meaning in Hindi

machine language programming sentence in Hindi

मशीन भाषा क्रमादेशन
यंत्र भाषा क्रमादेशन
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
machine language    मशीन भाषा मशीनी
language    बोली भाषा शब्द
programming    प्रोग्रम लिखने का
1.This information should make the routine more understandable to any computer programmer who is knowledgeable enough to read " pseudo-code " and is minimally familiar with assembly and machine language programming.

2.He is particularly noted for associations with Commodore Business Machines and the Toronto PET Users Group, for many books and articles on machine language programming, and for educational videos and TV programs.

3.It featured type-in listings for over a thousand freeware programs, articles and cartoon strips teaching BASIC and machine language programming, memory maps, and user documentation for popular public domain software.

4.Machine language programming was often discouraged on early calculator models; however, dedicated platform hackers discovered ways to bypass the built-in interpreters on some models and program the calculator directly in assembly language, a technique that was first discovered and utilized on the TI-85 due to a programming flaw in a mode-switching key.

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