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English-Hindi > machine time

machine time meaning in Hindi

machine time sentence in Hindi

मशीन काल
मशीन समय
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
time    युग समय देखना
1.This reduces the machining time but increases machine chatter and tool wear.

2."' Machining time "'is the time when a machine is actually processing something.

3.She knew exactly where each tape was and the machine time spent on it.

4.This process can eliminate waste as well as decrease machining time and machine down time.

5.It provides the visual control of all toolpaths and the calculation of the estimated total machining time.

6.The tool has to be lifted and retracted after each cut, due to which machining time increases.

7.Machine time is used in other situations, such as when a machine installs screws in a case automatically.

8.The saving on raw material as a result of cold forming can be very significant, as is saving machining time.

9.For example, in a drill press, machining time is when the cutting edge is actually moving forward and making a hole.

10.One of the important aspects in manufacturing calculation is how to find and calculate the machining time in a machining operation.

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