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English-Hindi > machine word

machine word meaning in Hindi

machine word sentence in Hindi

मशीन शब्द
यंत्र शब्द
यांत्रिक शब्द
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
word    बाइबिल पवित्र
1.Such numbers are too large to be stored in a single machine word.

2.This section is concerned with hashing a fixed-length vector of machine words.

3.Compare the high order digits ( or machine words ) until a difference is found.

4.This refers to hashing a " variable-sized " vector of machine words.

5.Note that machine words is not the same thing as " one " machine word.

6.Note that machine words is not the same thing as " one " machine word.

7.The count leading zeros operation efficiently determines the number of leading zero bits in a machine word.

8.The computer had 8 such tubes for a total fast memory of 256 machine words . ( Russian :)

9.NOR-type flash allows a single machine word ( byte ) to be writtento an erased locationor read independently.

10.Because BCPL has no data types other than the machine word, nothing in the language itself helps a programmer remember variables'types.

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