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English-Hindi > macho man

macho man meaning in Hindi

macho man sentence in Hindi
मर्दाना आदमी
macho    मर्दाना
man    तुम नर नौकर पति
1.The supermodels people are talking about these days are very macho men.

2.Macho man Michael, who had no qualms about slaughtering an innocent pig.

3.The murderer of the macho man was in Lochdubh all the time.

4.Johnny Walker of Hara Arena says as we wait for Macho Man.

5.Other BP musical selections included Macho Man and See You in September.

6.It pushes stereotypes of scantily clad women being pursued by macho men.

7.Mucho Macho Man overcame several health issues in 2011 and 2013.

8.It followed the next year with its first hit, " Macho Man ."

9.Ponche de Leona delivered Mucho Macho Man three weeks after her due date.

10.Eight horses entered, with Mucho Macho Man the morning line favorite.

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