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make donation sentence in Hindi

"make donation" meaning in Hindimake donation in a sentence
  • Many believe the breakup was due to Kukje's refusal to make donations.
  • Then, perhaps, those same people make donations to help endow the parks.
  • Please do consider that when you are making donations, " he said.
  • The sponsors Sherry Dorsey claimed had given her support denied making donations.
  • Those who make donations include the public, churches, clubs, schools and companies.
  • In lieu of flowers, friends may make donations to their favorite charities.
  • We have many important people making donations to various temples during his reign.
  • Officials said people were making donations to help pay the expenses.
  • It is illegal for corporations to make donations to federal candidates.
  • The Company makes donations through its independent Charity Board to registered charities only.
  • Tourists probably would make donations, but boats rarely stop here anymore.
  • He hoped the affluent would continue to voluntarily make donations to the foundation.
  • Some companies appear to be making donations through their non-tobacco affiliates.
  • By having a chapter close to one would make donations so much easier.
  • Ostergaard, president of the Citicorp Foundation, which makes donations to microbanks.
  • In addition, the church also makes donations to local charities annually.
  • "No one has been threatened or pressured to make donations, " he said.
  • Boeing and TWA officials agreed to make donations but did not set amounts.
  • It is an Uzbek tradition to make donations at sacred places.
  • To make donations of cash to help victims of flooding call:
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