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English-Hindi > make ends meet

make ends meet meaning in Hindi

make ends meet sentence in Hindi
घर-खर्च चलाना
make    रूप शकल नमूना
meet    परिचय करना
1.Nance was a church pastor but was struggling to make ends meet.

2.Many Iranians already work at two jobs just to make ends meet.

3.Some take odd jobs or offer charter trips to make ends meet.

4.You have to find work on the side to make ends meet.

5.There is other evidence the agency still struggles to make ends meet.

6.Making ends meet is a far greater concern than international politics.

7.Her mother cleaned houses and washed laundry to make ends meet.

8.The teacher quoted above works two jobs to make ends meet.

9.Now she tries to make ends meet by selling beaded necklaces.

10.She worked two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet.

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