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make free with sentence in Hindi

"make free with" meaning in Hindimake free with in a sentence
  • His surreal imagination makes free with natural forms : one painting is called'Woman Turning into a Galaxy'; in another work, cylindrical hay bales suffer the same fate.
  • At any rate, as Sabaneev saw fit to fake Scriabin's death-date and otherwise make free with facts, his recountings of otherwise uncorroborated stories are best taken with a grain of salt.
  • He is frequently generous with Stephen, lending him money and clothing, but also carelessly makes free with Stephen's own possessions and funds, importunities which Stephen seems to accept out of a sense of obligation.
  • Using a principle of thematic montage, the quartet almost abandons the fields of traditional harmony, homophony and counterpoint and instead makes free with the varied sonic factors typical of Jan?ek, including his characteristic modal inflections.
  • Singer noted that some men have sex with hens, decapitating them in the process, and that certain people don't stop the family dog from making free with them, which occasionally leads to " mutually satisfying activities ."
  • Royal inquisitions in 1261 and 1321 found that those canons who were resident tended to make free with the property of the college, at the expense of the absentees, and the 1321 inquiry also implicated the chantry priests in wasting resources.

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