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manganese dioxide sentence in Hindi

"manganese dioxide" meaning in Hindimanganese dioxide in a sentence
  • They may have used manganese dioxide to accelerate the combustion of wood.
  • Manganese dioxide based cathodes have shown good properties, but deteriorated on cycling.
  • The reaction produces manganese dioxide, which tends to clog the steam generators.
  • This is achieved by pyrolysis of manganese nitrate into manganese dioxide.
  • The graphite layer also prevents a direct contact between manganese dioxide and silver.
  • Perhaps the disk is manganese dioxide or some other catalyst for this reaction?
  • Hybrid cell cathodes include manganese dioxide to allow high peak currents.
  • The IEC prefix " CR " denotes lithium manganese dioxide chemistry.
  • Starting August 1951, the co-catalyst was changed from manganese dioxide to ferric sulfide.
  • Bergman next suggested that Scheele analyze the properties of manganese dioxide.
  • Additives of the mineral manganese dioxide or arsenic, allowed the glass to appear colourless.
  • Quinone was originally prepared industrially by oxidation of aniline, for example by manganese dioxide.
  • The design employed laser-scribed graphene, or LSG with manganese dioxide.
  • On the show tour, deposits of calcite, manganese dioxide, and ferric oxide are apparent.
  • Manganese dioxide is, therefore, the most widely used depolarizer.
  • Batteries require " electrolytic manganese dioxide " while ferrites require " chemical manganese dioxide ".
  • Electrolysis of manganese sulfate yields manganese dioxide, which is called EMD for electrolytic manganese dioxide.
  • In 2002, more than 230, 000 tons of manganese dioxide was used for this purpose.
  • Manganese dioxide is then added and the flask stoppered.
  • Batteries require " electrolytic manganese dioxide " while ferrites require " chemical manganese dioxide ".
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