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English-Hindi > marching music

marching music meaning in Hindi

marching music sentence in Hindi
• प्रयाण गीत
marching    यातायात आवागमन
music    लय संगीत सुर
1.Marching music consists of Central European marches, alongside several local compositions.

2.The French hear marching music, and they think the Germans are coming.

3.Outside, ultrarightists blared wartime marching music from trucks equipped with powerful speakers.

4.Faecq made sure that the first Belgian jazz records of the marching music.

5.Then I got tired of myself and started playing marching music in the mornings.

6.It was popular during the American Civil War and was used as marching music.

7.Early Tuesday, police again blasted marching music from speakers set up outside the residence.

8.The Marching Hornets continue to achieve great levels of success on the marching music field.

9.Military bands play ceremonial and marching music, including the national anthems and patriotic songs.

10.Outside Japan, Aimachi is most known for its marching music and color guard ensembles.

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