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English-Hindi > marital status

marital status meaning in Hindi

marital status sentence in Hindi

वैवाहिक स्थिति
marital    दांपत्य विवाह
status    ओहदा दर्जा दशा नाम
1.For one thing, marital status has a big effect on household income.

2.Marital status is a significant factor in understanding differences in poverty rates.

3.The team tracked subjects for education level, marital status and employment history.

4.Q : What is Kevin Spacey's age, marital status and mailing address?

5.Aside from a bizarre marital status, they seem to lead normal lives.

6.The 2000 census short form did not ask specifically about marital status.

7.Is your boss actually discriminating against you based on your marital status?

8.People have harassed users, lied about their marital status, and inflated incomes.

9.Freis said Acevedo had children, but could not confirm her marital status.

10.The issue of the couple's marital status has yet to be clarified.

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the condition of being married or unmarried

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