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English-Hindi > mark out for

mark out for meaning in Hindi

mark out for sentence in Hindi
mark    धब्बा छाप निशान
mark out    सीमांकन करना
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
for    क्योंकि के लिए के
1.The High Court has applied the principle that no general power enables a government, the Governor-General or any other delegated legislation-maker to make regulations " which go outside the field of operation which the Act marks out for itself ".

2.:This day may mark an epoch in your life, whether you are to live for self alone, or whether you will mark out for your self, a course, that shall make your name beloved and honoured amongst those with whom your life is cast and receive the blessings of Devine Providence, I trust you will cultivate in your heart a love to do good to the helpless and unfortunate, be forward in helping good works, by word and deed, give of your substance that Good has intrusted to your care at least 1 / 10 of your net income, let this be a covenant with your Heavenly Father, as it has been mine for many years, if you be faithful he will make you his trustee to dispense much of his bounty, if you are unfaithful he may take away that which you have.

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