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English-Hindi > mark reading

mark reading meaning in Hindi

mark reading sentence in Hindi

चिह्न पठन
mark    धब्बा छाप निशान
reading    पढ़ लेना अध्ययन
1.6PR's commentators include Karl Langdon, Mark Readings, Brad Hardie, Peter Bell, Basil Zempilas, Shane McInnes, and Adam Papalia.

2.Mr Mark Reading of Price Waterhouse said one incentive allows majority foreign ownership, provided not less than 50 per cent of total income of the company is derived from exports.

3.Their set included Mark reading passages from " House of Leaves " and Poe singing songs that share themes with the book . " House of Leaves " made the New York Times Best Seller list in April 2000.

4.For example, comparisons of and with their parallel passages and lead scholars to conclude that the phrases " Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses " and " Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James " in the Mark readings refer to the same two women.

5.Mark Reading, director of corporate finance and restructuring at Price Waterhouse, said the fast-tracked privatisation programme covers PTT Exploration and Production, Bangchak Petroleum, Power Gen 2 ( Ratchaburi and Nampong power plants ), Electricity Generation Plc ( Egco ), Thai Maritime Navigation and a government stake in the Esso oil refinery.

6.Automatic form input systems use different types of recognition methods such as optical character recognition ( OCR ) for machine print, optical mark reading ( OMR ) for check / mark sense boxes, bar code recognition ( BCR ) for barcodes, and intelligent character recognition ( ICR ) for hand print.

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