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English-Hindi > mark sense

mark sense meaning in Hindi

mark sense sentence in Hindi

चिह्न बोध
mark    धब्बा छाप निशान
sense    समझ अभिप्राय अर्थ
1.That technology was sold by IBM, its developer, under the term mark sense.

2.Sydney-based Mapil Co . owns the remaining 22 percent of Mark Sensing, Chaiwat said.

3."' Mark sense "'was a trade name used by IBM for electrographic forms and systems.

4.That " mark sense " technology was widely used by businesses in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

5.Student programs were typically submitted as a deck of mark sense cards although punched cards were an option.

6.A " mark sense pencil lead " sold by IBM would meet federal specifications for " electrographic lead ."

7.Mark sensing allowed a person to enter data to be used in punched-card data processing without using a keypunch machine.

8.Mark sense cards were used, and a class of 30 children could each get two runs in a one-hour period.

9.Mark Sensing lost about $ 200, 000 in the third quarter of last year, when its main factory opened, Chaiwat said.

10.The use of Section 22 was restricted in the Clairol case to the use " in the technical trade-mark sense ".

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