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English-Hindi > mast head

mast head meaning in Hindi

mast head sentence in Hindi

ध्वज शीर्ष
mast    खम्भा मस्तूल
head    भक्त समझ अन्तरीप
1.Like its British tabloid counterpart, the " Irish Daily Star " has a red-top mast head.

2.The mast head logo, which became an icon of the paper, showed Oakland, a port to the world and nation.

3.For this reason the mast on a mast head rig has a thicker section at the top to stand this load.

4.This was due to an electric failure in her main mast head lamp and an auxiliary light had to be used.

5.The mast head instruments indication of apparent wind speed and direction is different from what the sailor sees and feels near the surface.

6.A later trend was to set up the yacht as fractionally rigged but carry the Mast Head rigged spinnaker; this gave better performance.

7.The twin engine fighter crossed from port to starboard about mast head height, it dropped a bomb that missed widely by some 700 yards.

8.From the time of the merger between the city's morning and afternoon dailies until Friday, the paper ran a dual mast head with both names.

9.The name appears in the mast head just like in the sister publication however the news is not sourced as Maharashtra Times has its own commerce reporters.

10.The Business Times newspaper Thursday published a picture taken on Wednesday of the Calpyso lying underwater on its left side with the mast head jutting out at an acute angle.

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