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matrix norm sentence in Hindi

"matrix norm" meaning in Hindimatrix norm in a sentence
  • For this reason, other matrix norms are commonly used to estimate the condition number.
  • A matrix norm is a vector norm on K ^ { m \ times n }.
  • There are a number of matrix norms that act on the singular values of the matrix.
  • Product numerical radius is a vector norm on matrices, but it is not a matrix norm.
  • The norm derived from the above inner product is called the Frobenius norm, which satisfies submultiplicative property as matrix norm.
  • Where \ mathbf { E } _ { \ rm est } is the resulting matrix from Step 2 and the Frobenius matrix norm is used.
  • Its role is analogous to that of the matrix norm for a discrete dynamical system x _ { n + 1 } = Ax _ n.
  • :Also, when there are matrix norms involved, single bar notation is used for vector norms and double bar for matrix norms . "'
  • :Also, when there are matrix norms involved, single bar notation is used for vector norms and double bar for matrix norms . "'
  • The role of matrix regularization in this setting can be the same as in multivariate regression, but matrix norms can also be used to couple learning problems across tasks.
  • The case " p " = & infin; yields the spectral norm, which is the matrix norm induced by the vector 2-norm ( see above ).
  • The convergence criteria of the power series then apply, requiring \ Vert \ eta A ^ {-1 } B \ Vert to be sufficiently small under the appropriate matrix norm.
  • This notation can be ambiguous since it is also used for certain matrix norms and for the absolute value " !-- talk ) 17 : 09, 23 December 2008 ( UTC)
  • Additionally, in the case of square matrices ( thus, ), some ( but not all ) matrix norms satisfy the following condition, which is related to the fact that matrices are more than just vectors:
  • Also, if A is a matrix, | A | is used to denote the determinant of | A |, even though det ( A ) is usually preferred, because | A | may be better used to denote a matrix norm.
  • Here P _ { A _ j } denotes the orthogonal projection on the space spanned by the standard unit vectors corresponding to the elements so that the matrix of P _ { A _ j } T P _ { A _ j } is obtained from the matrix of T by replacing all rows and columns that don't correspond to the indices in A _ j The matrix norm \ | . \ | is the spectral norm, i . e . the operator norm with respect to the Euclidean norm

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