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English-Hindi > measuring section

measuring section meaning in Hindi

measuring section sentence in Hindi

मापन खण्ड
measuring    मापन मापक मापी
section    विधर्मी अनुच्छेद
1.Benett produced the first measured sections of the Tisbury.

2.The theme consists of two 8 measure sections, each repeated, a structure shared by each variation.

3.His explanation for this movement is the clearest :  the second in this set, a rich and elegant blues, is divided into four twelve-measure sections, each being improvisatory in nature . 

4.In some measured sections the transition from Wingate to Kayenta is gradual; the material in the basal Kayenta, beds seems to have been derived from the Wingate immediately below and redeposited with only the discordance characteristic of fluviatile sediments.

5.However, when they separated the distributed teams into distributed-coordinated and distributed-fragmented ( see measures section ), they found that distributed-coordinated team structures were associated with higher performance than both traditional leader-centered teams and distributed-fragmented leadership networks.

6.The three-measure section crescendos into the following section ( 0 : 24 0 : 44 ), which leads to the entrance of the rappers and features more complex production . makes an appearance, with only the break's first two eighth notes in the bass drum and the snare hit in clarity.

7.But when you've got such talent at your disposal, it would be foolish not to litter your songs with opportunities for Cameron to shine . " Steven Spedding of Sputnikmusic credited their song writing and that they have found a formula that works for them saying " They have harnessed an ability to write more measured sections, where the aggression is toned down for tasteful instrumentals and this I feel is where they excel most . " Allmusic writer Eduardo Rivadavia, in a four out of five star review praised the band for cohesively blending aggressive and melodic traits without sounding like polar extremes, further commenting " all this aggression always meshes judiciously with melodic counterpoints to maximum effectiveness"

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