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English-Hindi > measuring tank

measuring tank meaning in Hindi

measuring tank sentence in Hindi

मापन टंकी
measuring    मापन मापक मापी
tank    तोप से सज्जित
1.2 . various aluminium equipments : auto transportation tanker , horizontal and vertical storage tank , elevated tank , measuring tank and condenser

2.Other auxiliary equipment and meters and instruments such as measure tank , storage tank , pmp , rotameter and temperature indicator should be prepared by customer . our company can also provide through additional process or order instead of customer as request

3.There are several important issues to that attention should be paid in the design of test bed , such as the measurement of the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of test section and the temperature of cooling water in the inlet and outlet of condensing tubes , filled volume of the steam boiler and its level control , the determination of the natural acting head of high temperature tank and design of the cooling water flow of measuring tank

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