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English-Hindi > meat grinder

meat grinder meaning in Hindi

meat grinder sentence in Hindi
कीमा बनाने की मशीन
meat    खाद्य खाना गोश्त
grinder    पिसनहारा ग्राइंडर
1.Put beans through medium disk of a meat grinder or food mill.

2.The Solomons campaign ended up being a meat grinder of IJN aviation.

3.There, he suffocates her and feeds her hand into a meat grinder.

4.Though Alison was in with a meat grinder, she pulled herself together.

5.It will be as if he'll walk willingly into a meat grinder.

6.In some parts of the world, meat grinders are called mincers.

7.Grind steaks and onion together in a meat grinder, using the fine-grind blade.

8.Stuffing attachments are available for manual meat grinders and stand-alone mixers.

9."They would work you through the meat grinder, " said one former executive.

10.The spot ends with a meat grinder and grilled monster burgers.

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any action resulting in injury or destruction; "the meat grinder of politics destroyed his reputation"; "allied forces crumbled before the Wehrmacht meat grinder"

a mill for grinding meat

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