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English-Hindi > mechanical man

mechanical man meaning in Hindi

mechanical man sentence in Hindi
mechanical    प्रकाश-यांत्रिकी
man    तुम नर नौकर पति
1.The mechanical man brings the search party members out of Forgetville.

2."Mechanical Man " and " Uprising ."

3.Grover is trapped in the mechanical man, removed, and replaced.

4.I'm the mechanical man, the athlete.

5.The mechanical man cannot follow directions and begins mowing down everything in sight.

6.They capture him, and smash the mechanical man used to make speeches.

7.He originally proposed a " mechanical man ".

8.The mechanical man is used for a variety of crimes, controlled by Mado.

9."They're not mechanical men out there, they're human.

10.Returning to the farm, the mechanical man instructs the woodpecker s army to disperse.

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