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English-Hindi > mental activity

mental activity meaning in Hindi

mental activity sentence in Hindi

मानसिक क्रिया
mental    चिबुक मंदबुद्धिता
activity    कार्यकलाप क्रिया
1.Interior colors, textures, and lighting features both relax and stimulate mental activity.

2.Searle divides intentional states into low-level brain activity and high-level mental activity.

3.Other researchers have discovered evidence that mental activity may guard against dementia.

4.Crichton says, " has the nice quality of stopping mental activity ."

5.Conversational give-and-take can be among the most enjoyable and rewarding of mental activities.

6.One solution was to refrain from any physical or mental activity.

7.Patients usually develop seizures and progressive deterioration of coordinated muscular and mental activities.

8.Learning is a mental activity and its efficiency has always been fairly low.

9.Scientific neutrality is thus pursued by identifying mental activity with thinking.

10.But any mental activity _ even math _ people can learn.

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