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English-Hindi > mental processing

mental processing meaning in Hindi

mental processing sentence in Hindi

मानसिक प्रक्रमण
mental    चिबुक मंदबुद्धिता
processing    प्रौद्योगिकी
1.Wundt measured mental processing speed by likening it to differences in stargazing measurements.

2.This is where the mental processing starts.

3.Wundt applied this to mental processing speed.

4.Through conversation, the student is in charge of his or her own mental processing.

5.Subvocalization, therefore, cannot be used in the mental processing of the activity being studied.

6.But we don't know much about the mental processing of colour beyond the retina.

7.Cognitive impairments include deficits in memory, attention, mental processing speed, and problem solving.

8.The brain images, however, showed big differences in mental processing only with the unpleasant smells.

9.Other researchers have discovered that mental processing in change blindness begins even before the change is presented.

10.Speech Mode Hypothesis is the idea that the perception of speech requires the use of specialized mental processing.

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