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English-Hindi > mentally gifted

mentally gifted meaning in Hindi

mentally gifted sentence in Hindi

पखर बुद्धि
mentally    मानसिक रूप से मनसा
gifted    गुणवान गुणी
1.By law, the district must provide mentally gifted programs at all grade levels.

2.By law, the District must provide mentally gifted programs at all grade levels.

3.Remixes were done by Marley Marl and Mentally Gifted.

4.Mentally Gifted features on this track as well.

5.Since they were predetermined to be mentally gifted, they all progressed rapidly in knowledge and abilities.

6.Remixes were done by Marley Marl and K-Def, Mentally Gifted ( listed as Emanuel Parks ) and Destro.

7.The Whole album was produced by L . G and written by L . G and Mentally Gifted.

8.Not only have they raised mentally gifted people, they have given rise to a new race of super-intelligent demigods.

9.Unfortunately im not as mentally gifted as those serious scientists you mentioned, who need just one minute to evaluate quite complex theories.

10.Features on the album include Big Tabb and Emanuel Parks ( Mentally Gifted but listed " M . G " on the album " ).

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