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English-Hindi > mentally retarded

mentally retarded meaning in Hindi

mentally retarded sentence in Hindi
मानसिक रूप से मंद
mentally    मानसिक रूप से मनसा
retarded    पिछड़ी बुद्धि का
1.The court ruled last year that the mentally retarded cannot be executed.

2.Mentally retarded adults would only be a small percentage of that total.

3.A 2002 Supreme Court decision forbids the execution of the mentally retarded.

4.Perry is facing pressure from both sides on the mentally retarded bill.

5.And that was not the way the mentally retarded were usually treated.

6.Lopez said Garcia is mentally retarded and unable to understand trial proceedings.

7.Mentally retarded people who commit murder while incarcerated also could be executed.

8.He thinks mentally retarded killers should be allowed to live behind bars.

9.Its goal is to reduce the numbers of mentally retarded in Thailand.

10.Defense lawyers argued that Shaw was both mentally retarded and mentally ill.

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people collectively who are mentally retarded; "he started a school for the retarded"
Synonyms: retarded, developmentally challenged,

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