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English-Hindi > message passing

message passing meaning in Hindi

message passing sentence in Hindi

• संदेश प्रेषण
message    दस्तावेज बात
passing    मार्ग मृत्यु
1.There are many alternatives for the message passing mechanism, including message queues.

2.ABCL / 1 uses asynchronous message passing among objects to achieve concurrency.

3.Asynchronous message passing simply sends the message to the message bus.

4.The message passing system generally operates on a port basis with the microkernel.

5.Trilinos supports distributed-memory parallel computation through the Message Passing Interface ( MPI ).

6.The message passing concurrency system remembers JoCaml's chords, but with all channels asynchronous.

7.The advantage to synchronous message passing is that it is conceptually less complex.

8.With asynchronous message passing, the sending system does not wait for a response.

9.Utilizing direct message passing, LINX scales from DSPs and microcontrollers to 64-bit CPUs.

10.Execution is modeled by having Eval messages passed among program constructs during execution.

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