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English-Hindi > mineral species

mineral species meaning in Hindi

mineral species sentence in Hindi

खनिज जाति
mineral    धातु पदार्थ दातु
species    प्रजाति भांति
1.It is not a mineral species approved by International Mineralogical Association.

2.Several amphibole mineral species can have an asbestiform crystal habit.

3.In 1940, C . W . Wolfe reexamined the mineral species.

4.The Dana classification assigns a four-part number to a mineral species.

5.This was the first new mineral species to be discovered in New Zealand.

6.Twinning is the intergrowth of two or more crystal of a single mineral species.

7.The diversity and abundance of mineral species is controlled by the Earth's chemistry.

8.Other mineral species having this structure exist, such as tephroite, Mn 2 SiO 4.

9.They were initially misidentified as wulfenite, but later determined to be a new mineral species.

10.When the International Mineralogical Association was founded, bultfonteinite was grandfathered as a valid mineral species.

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