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English-Hindi > mineral survey

mineral survey meaning in Hindi

mineral survey sentence in Hindi

खनिज सर्वेक्षण
mineral    धातु पदार्थ दातु
survey    आलेख पैमाइश करना
1.The report was published in November 1904 as Bulletin 9 of the University of Texas Mineral Survey.

2.AMD started functioning from New Delhi on 10 August 1948 as  Rare Minerals Survey Unit '.

3.The Bureau of Economic Geology was established in 1909 as a successor to the Texas Geological Survey and the Texas Mineral Survey.

4.He was given the title of Superintendent, Mineral Survey of Jammu and Kashmir State, and held this position from 1917 to 1930.

5.Although steep mountain terrain makes exploitation difficult, mineral surveys have found small deposits of limestone, magnesite, zinc, copper, iron, mica, lead, and cobalt.

6.What Hansen also didn't say is that Babbitt had the USGS do mineral surveys of each potential monument site before any recommendations were made.

7.He then went to Edinburgh to act as Prof James Geikie s assistant, before accepting a role overseeing the official mineral survey of Nigeria in 1904.

8.It was named for Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy ( 1877 1947 ), who was the director of the Mineral Survey of Ceylon, Sri Lanka at that time.

9.However, the true merits of such a method would depend on a thorough mineral survey of the candidate asteroids; thus far, we have only estimates of their composition.

10.In particular, the mineral survey should lead to a global map of the planet's resources for future human explorers and the regions where minerals suggest conditions that were once warmer and wetter, possibly conducive to some forms of life.

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