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English-Hindi > mist eliminator

mist eliminator meaning in Hindi

mist eliminator sentence in Hindi

धूमिका निराकरक
mist    कुहासा कोहरा
eliminator    निरसक निरसनकर्ता
1.Additionally, a properly designed and operated entrainment separator or mist eliminator is important to achieve high removal efficiencies.

2.The greater the number of liquid droplets that are not captured by the mist eliminator, the higher the potential emission levels.

3.The " cleaned " gases are normally passed through a mist eliminator ( demister pads ) to remove water droplets from the gas stream.

4.Each SBGT train generally consists of a mist eliminator / roughing filter; an electric heater; a prefilter; two absolute ( HEPA ) filters; an activated charcoal filter; an exhaust fan; and associated valves, ductwork, dampers, instrumentation and controls.

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