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English-Hindi > mist over

mist over meaning in Hindi

mist over sentence in Hindi
कोहरे से धुंधला होना
धुंधला होना
कोहरे से धुंधला होना
mist    कुहासा कोहरा
over    बहुतायत शेष
1.Luciano's eyes mist over when he remembers that day.

2.No wonder Kedrova shimmers, and no wonder our eyes mist over.

3.Geraci's eyes began to mist over, and he excused himself from the interview.

4.The storm had weakened as it moved through Atlanta, casting a light mist over the city.

5.The overcast skies created a soft mist over the Sea of Galilee and the coastal city of Tiberias.

6.It broke the light in flashes as it tumbled and threw a veil of white mist over the pond.

7.The storm had weakened, however, as it moved through Atlanta, casting a light mist over the city.

8.The jet sprayed the deadly mist over part of Eniwetok Atoll and five Army light tugs, the documents said.

9.Thick mist over Sinai made it difficult for them to reach Abu Rudeis, the air base nearest to Sarabit al-Khadim.

10.Reflecting over those years without Joe, raising children alone, working to put food on the table, her eyes mist over.

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