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mistake of fact sentence in Hindi

"mistake of fact" meaning in Hindimistake of fact in a sentence
  • In jurisdictions that use the term, it is differentiated from mistake of fact.
  • Justice Dickson took a different approach to the defence of mistake of fact.
  • Mistake of fact is unavailable in respect to absolute liability offences.
  • This is particularly true where, as here, the accused has raised the defense of mistake of fact.
  • Lever Brothers Ltd therefore brought a claim for rescission of the compensation package on grounds of mistake of fact.
  • During the trial the issue arose of whether the defence of mistake of fact should be put to the jury.
  • Lord Simonds discussed why a mistake of law was different from a mistake of fact, because " ignorantia juris neminem excusat ".
  • Their Lordships turn to Dextra's claim to recover its money as having been paid to the BOJ under a mistake of fact.
  • Examples include diminished capacity to understand the wrongfulness of the action, or a mistake of fact that affected the intention of the litigant.
  • She said in court papers that the marriage was a " mutual mistake of fact and was entered into solely for an entertainment purpose ."
  • The defense is a mistake of fact, ie ., whether the victim was 18 years or more of age, rather than a mistake of law.
  • He is one of the important authorities for that period of Florentine history, notwithstanding the mistakes of fact which are to be found in his writings.
  • But a misprediction does not, in their Lordships'opinion, provide the basis for a claim to recover money as having been paid under a mistake of fact.
  • 29 . Their Lordships turn then to the second element, viz . that Dextra must have paid the money to the BOJ under a mistake of fact.
  • In the context of sexual assault, for example, a mistake of fact defence usually involves an assertion that the accused did not realize the complainant was not consenting.
  • The law makes a distinction between mistake of law and mistake of fact : being unaware of a law, and being unaware of a " "'material " "'fact.
  • In the years since People v . Hernandez was decided, one commentator has posited that the mistake of fact defense to rape has been eroded by the Rule of Equivocality.
  • For example, the mistake of fact defence involves an assertion that the accused misunderstood some material factual matter that prevented him from forming the requisite mens rea for the offence.
  • Apart from the wartime cases, the Latham court also developed the criminal defence of honest and reasonable mistake of fact, for example in " Proudman v Dayman " ( 1941 ).
  • But sometimes unilateral defeated expectations may be sufficient, e . g . payments made under a unilateral mistake of fact where the ground of liability is the mistake of one party.
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