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English-Hindi > modem bank

modem bank meaning in Hindi

modem bank sentence in Hindi

मॉडम बैंक
modem    मोडम मॉडम मोडेम
bank    कतार किनारा साहिल
1.Most of thenational ISPs have modem banks set up in some foreign countries.

2.Huitema's survey attempted to count centralized server computers, work stations and each modem in the modem banks of Internet service providers.

3.Cyberspace becomes the hangout of the hip, but the population explosion had its downside-- irritating network lag time and frustrating busy signals from overloaded modem banks.

4.An innovative, nationwide packet-switching network, running primarily on DEC PDP-11s, provided access between modem banks and up to a dozen large IBM and Amdahl mainframes.

5.Although AOL operates modem banks in California, its e-mail server facilities are based in Vienna, Va . The Dulles, Va ., company has aggressively sued spammers to keep them off its service.

6.In Prodigy's case _ at least what I can gather from all the complaints floating around on the Internet _ the rebates it offered were so popular that its modem banks and customer service lines were overwhelmed.

7.:Probably the same . . . I was wondering how feasible it would be to have some kind of model of what address blocks are dialup modem banks or DHCP etc ., and which are fixed IPs.

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